Experience Allows Tech Team to provide a Future-Proof Solution

Background and Goals

Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin is the largest Goodwill organization in the world, employing 6,100 and serving over 72,000 men and women with disabilities in 2014. Through training, employment and support services, the organization assists those with disabilities or disadvantages who seek greater independence.

Goodwill’s Center for Work and Training – Southwest Campus, located in Greendale, Wisconsin, is primarily focused on job placement and skill development. The Center offers intensive training through classroom and hand-on experiences based on abilities. The growth of the greater Goodwill Industries forced the Center to examine its space and ability to serve the increasing need. Renovations were planned to accommodate the upgrades including security card access for 22 interior doors, an alarm system with 24-hour monitoring, a closed captioned TV system of 21 cameras (internal and external), and audio-visual needs spanning ten conference rooms.


After meeting with Goodwill officials to discuss the needs and goals of the project, Lemberg’s Data Communications team combined their 66 years of experience to design a turnkey solution.

The team proposed a low voltage infrastructure starting with a Main Distribution Frame (MDF) and 9 Intermediate Distribution Frames (IDF). The design utilized a 12-strand OM3 MM Armored fiber backbone for data, 25-pair Cat3 for voice and Cat6 for horizontal cabling. To Goodwill, that meant solid structured cabling that would sustain their day-to-day businesses and any future growth.


Within 8 months, Lemberg’s Data Communications team had a working low voltage cabling system designed and implemented. The dedication and daily communication with Goodwill allowed the project to stay on time and on budget. The team used their ability to provide a turnkey services to craft the final solution that satisfied the low voltage cabling, security and visual needs. The result was forward-thinking and future-proof.


Lemberg’s Data Communications team produced a low-voltage cabling solution that allows Goodwill to serve its communities with safety, efficiency and clarity. Whether it is computer networking, the phone system, security, or education, Goodwill is poised to grow and adapt to changing technology.