Fiber Backbone Allows Future Expansion at Mayfair Mall

Background and Goals

Mayfair Mall is a prominent two-level retail mall located in Wauwatosa, an established middle-to-upper income suburb of the city of Milwaukee. The mall is the largest mixed-use shopping center in Wisconsin containing over 140 brands. Built in the late 1950’s with less than 100 stores and open-air concourse, the mall has undergone multiple expansions and remodels to reach its current award-winning architectural design and size.

This growth and the exponential need for a reliable data communications network taxed the outdated cable system. Downtime and connection issues affected security, HVAC, POS systems, computers, and telecommunications, creating a need for more efficient and expandable solutions. 


Lemberg’s Data Communications team put their experience to task. They collaborated with mall management to understand and target the exact infrastructure needs and reach a solution that was both cost effective and powerful.

Since the size of the mall created issues with data transfer strength, the team proposed single- and multi-mode solutions and set out to design and build a fiber backbone that would give Mayfair a secure and reliable data network primed for continued growth.


The final result involved the addition of 12 Intermediate Distribution Frame (IDF) closets to disperse the data load and provide a stronger network to all retail stores regardless of location.  Twelve strands of fiber optics were brought through each IDF to set the mall up for future expansion and allow them to service their retail stores with cost efficiency. Because Lemberg’s team was involved with designing and building the solution, the entire project --from design to installation -- was completed in 12 weeks.


The clear and open communication between the customer and Lemberg’s Data Communications teams was critical to the success of the project.  The final solution allowed the mall to connect systems together and upgrade systems for security, fire alarm, area of rescue, HVAC, voice and data.