case-study-inset-data.jpgData Communications Case Studies

Lemberg's data communications team offers efficient turnkey network cabling solutions, quality service and installation, and forward-thinking to conquer low voltage challenges. 

Experience Allows Tech Team to provide a Future-Proof Solution for Goodwill

After meeting with Goodwill officials to discuss the needs and goals of the project, Lemberg’s Data Communications team combined their 66 years of experience to design a turnkey solution. Find out more about the solid structured cabling solution that would sustain their day-to-day businesses and any future growth.

Efficiency and Expandability Are Key for Mayfair Mall Data Communications

The success and expansions of Mayfair Mall in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, taxed the existing data communications network. Learn how the data communications team devised a fiber backbone that gives the Mall a secure and reliable network that can sustain future expansions.   

Upgrading the Fan Experience with WiFi at Miller Park

Built in the 1990's, Miller Park Stadium was not equipped to handle the now popular social media and online conveniences expected by the fans. To upgrade the fan experience, Miller Park officials needed stadium-wide WiFi.  Lemberg's data communications team installed a fiber optic backbone to support state-of-the-art wireless transfer speeds that is making local and national fans happy. 

Building Relationships to Support the Milwaukee Art Museum Visitor Experience

When the MAM campus underwent renovations and expansion, the needs for additional low voltage, IP security camera and wireless cabling throughout the expanded areas and the War Memorial building were identified. Lemberg's Data Communications team set out to find the most appropriate and efficient solution and exemplified the value of customer-centric thinking. Find out more about the unique solutions.


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