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Mayfair Mall

In 2021, Lemberg's Data Communication team upgraded the fiber optics campus-wide to prepare for new Verizon wireless service. 

Previously, the team provided upgrades to the data communication network and cabling infrastructure that included 12 intermediate distribution frame (MDF) closets to support future expansion of the mall and the needs of the tenants. The mall is the largest mixed-use shopping center in the state of Wisconsin. Its size created issues with data transfer strength, so the Lemberg Data Communications team proposed single and multi-mode solutions with a custom designed fiber backbone that would give Mayfair a secure and reliable data network primed for continued growth -- a solution that allowed the mall to connect systems together and upgrade systems where needed.

The final system included 12 Intermediate Distribution Frame (IDF) closets to disperse the data load and provide a strong network to all retail stores regardless of location. Twelve-strand fiber optics were brought through each IDF for future expansion and cost efficiency. The final solution allowed for more efficient and future-proof support for security, HVAC, POS systems, computers and telecommunications, fire alarm, and areas of rescue.

Lemberg also provides regular electrical maintenance services for the mall. 

Project Features

  • Intermediate Distribution Frame (IDF)
  • Fiber Optics
  • Structured Data Cabling
  • Point of Sale (POS)
  • HVAC
  • Security, Door Access
  • Fire Alarm
  • Telecommunications
  • Areas of Rescue
  • Electrical Preventive Maintenance
  • Electrical Wiring


Location: Milwaukee, WI

Industry: Commercial

Divisions: Data, Construction, Service

Project Type: Remodel/Expansion/Upgrade