Wisconsin School Safety Initiative

Creating solutions for the safety of our students

The safety of our K-12 students and those who care for and teach them is important. There is no doubt that the quality of their education is enhanced when they are in safe environments.

With the passing of the school safety bill in Wisconsin, campus administrators across the state are vying for funding and looking for strategies to improve campus security -- solutions that enhance and expand the abilities of their security staff to “prevent, mitigate, prepare for, respond to, and/or recover from violence.” (Wisconsin Department of Justice)

Our Data Communications team works with trusted partners like Axis CommunicationsKeyscan and others to provide quality solutions that make your campus, your staff, and your students more secure.

How it works

  1. We’ll start by scheduling a visit to your campus and meet with your security and administration to review your existing systems and look for areas that need improvement.
  2. Working with your team, we will make suggestions for improvements. We can provide product demonstrations -- even take you on a field trip to see how systems work. 
  3. We'll design a quality system of prioritized updates that you can implement all at once or over time to maximize your grant funding and your annual budget.
  4. We will estimate the costs and have a quote to you quickly. 

Convenient Installation

Because we work with schools all over southeastern Wisconsin on construction, data and sign projects, we know that keeping projects and students separated is important to maintain the quality of the education. So, we work hard to keep disruption to a minimum by working within the usual rhythm of the academic year.

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