Lemberg Helps American Asphalt Materials Stay True to Greener Business Commitment

Background and Goals

American Asphalt Materials, Inc. is a family-owned, full-service B2B source for asphalt paving companies, contractors, crews, and public works departments. Located in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, American Asphalt Materials has been in business since 1955, expanding its paving services operation to meet customer demand and include more sustainable practices such as recycling pavement and asphalt and other environmentally conscious initiatives. Keeping their commitment to greener business practices, the company management scrutinized their energy consumption and turned to Lemberg’s electrical service division for electrical alternatives that would be more efficient and produce more consistent results.

image of the new, more efficient Variable Frequency Drive.Strategy

To be sure the customer received the best solution possible, the professionals in Lemberg’s service division partnered with other industry experts to determine that the current motors were not able to sustain the necessary workload, raising the risk of equipment damage or failure.  The team proposed a variable frequency drive (VFD), which uses electrical frequency and voltage to gradually bring the motor to operating speed, control the motor speed and torque while in use. In this type of industrial application, the VFDs reduce stress on the motor and generate significant energy efficiency through operator controls.


Lemberg’s service division worked with partners to install grounding rings, making the motor compatible for VFD installation. The electricians then installed the VFD, and reconfigured the existing controls to a modern, digitally controlled system. The installation took less than four weeks, and included a startup by a factory-trained technician.


Installation of the VFD resulted in a reduction in consumption charges from local electrical utility. The efficiency of the VFD controller amassed a reported savings that surpassed the cost of the installation within the first year. This return on investment is typical with larger motors utilized in a variety of industrial applications.

The successful results of this collaboration have furthered a 30-year relationship between American Asphalt Materials and Lemberg. The relationship illustrates the importance of customer satisfaction in Lemberg’s business model across all five of its divisions. The collaboration between Lemberg, its client and its partners build lasting relationships that foster trust and set the stage for future creative solutions and innovation.