Lemberg Provides Manufacturer with an Energy Savings Solution and Convenient Installation

Background and Goals

JW Speaker Corporation, a local provider of high-performance vehicular lighting solutions for original equipment manufacturers and aftermarket customers, was looking for more efficient and thorough inspection in their manufacturing line and to increase the quality of the final product. They suspected that an improvement in lighting in the assembly area would positively impact quality inspections. 


The company contacted Lemberg's Service division for assistance with photometrics as well as upgrading to high lumen output LED fixtures in their production areas – 376 in two facilities.

Since the fixtures were located above the manufacturing and supplies areas, replacing them may have meant scheduling a shutdown resulting in a loss of production time. Using a floor plan supplied by the customer, Lemberg electricians were able to see the areas that needed upgrading and the exact fixture positioning. To minimize costs to the customer, Lemberg used an articulating lift to reach the fixtures without having to move supplies or equipment. The fixtures were replaced during the normal first shift hours.

Increased lighting with decreased fixtures with newly installed LED lighting at local manufacturer. Manufacturing line before and after high-efficiency LED light fixture installation.


In addition to an installation that did not require a planned shutdown, Lemberg took advantage of the repetitive nature of the lighting work and used prefabrication capabilities to complete as much outside the production area as possible. This resulted in a savings of over 40 hours of labor onsite. Additionally, the project was completed ahead of the projected schedule. 


By using the articulating lift and capitalizing on prefab opportunities, Lemberg brought the desired increased lumen output to the production area using fewer fixtures and provided installation without the loss of production time to the customer. JW Speaker can expect to see an increase in end-product quality due to the improved lighting with the new LED fixtures and an annual savings of approximately $26,000 off their electric bills.