Lemberg offers an Economic Electrical Panel Solution for River’s Edge Condominiums

Background and Goals

River’s Edge condominiums are located in the city of Brown Deer. Recent fires throughout the complex uncovered the need to replace aging electrical panels.

Lemberg assisted in educating the complex association members about this issue and what they could do to upgrade their obsolete electrical panels.


The challenge for Lemberg was discovering a cost-effective solution that offered a solid replacement for the outdated panels. The initial requirement was to ensure that the new panels were the proper fit in terms of size measurement, as this would determine the type of panel that would be installed. Lemberg visited each condominium to verify the breaker count and amperages in preparation for the new installation. It was then determined that a Square D panel capable of using tandem breakers for space restrictions would be the best solution. In order to implement the project, the permit and material procurement was completed prior to installation. Lemberg proposed a two-month timeline for the new installations.


Space restrictions allowed a very small panel with up to 16 circuits. After contemplating multiple brand options, the Square D QO816L100DF was the chosen tandem breaker for the job. Aside from the new breaker being well-respected and readily available, it also offered both 120-volt and 240-volt single phase power. In addition, there was the ability to have one 2-pole breaker and 12 single-pole breakers in one panel.

The breaker was cost-effective and required very minimal drywall removal and repairs during the installation. Lemberg technicians were able to execute the installation with very low impact to the tenant and within their estimated timeline.



Lemberg worked within the tenants’ schedules and budgets to offer the best customer-satisfaction possible. Even prior to beginning the installation, permit inspections were scheduled directly between the customer and the inspector to move the project along at the tenants’ convenience. Two electricians were used for all 64 units. Equipment and material were labeled for accurate placement.

Lemberg provided progress updates to the River’s Edge Condominium Association over the course of the installation timeline. Any questions or concerns were addressed immediately.