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Lemberg's Signs & Lighting team offers turnkey solutions for all your signs and lighting needs including channel lettering, monument signs, high-rise, wayfinding, interior and exterior, lit and unlit signs.

Diligent coordination allows von Briesen law firm to increase exposure in busy downtown Milwaukee

A sign install at 17 stories above a busy downtown intersection in the busiest summer festival season has unique challenges. Find out how a few tweaks to design and diligent project management created a recipe for success.  

Lemberg delivers new brand signs on tight timeline for Komatsu

When Komatsu acquired Joy Global and decided that their company headquarters should continue to be located in Milwaukee off National Avenue and Miller Park Way, new brand signage was required. Lemberg installed monument signage and lettering that measured 30 feet in height. Read more about this acquisition project.

Turn-key solutions and on-the-job forethought create high-end, easy to maintain signage for The Lodge Kohler.

Looking for designs that would highlight the elegance of the architecture and efficiently direct patrons, the Kohler design team wanted a partner who could bring the vision for the Kohler brand to life. Lemberg's sign and lighting division team were ready to fill that need. Read how careful consideration of maintenance and aesthetics ended in well-designed signage.

Union camaraderie brings success in high traffic sign location

Teamsters Local 344 teamed up with Lemberg to take advantage of their location on one of the busiest intersections in the region through brand signage and electronic message center. Read how the unique building design created a backdrop for a new sign.

Wauwatosa school district gains communication tool with new electronic message centers

The Wauwatosa School District relied upon Lemberg's sign and lighting team to create and install new signage across the district, many with electronic message centers, to provide a more cohesive look and a new communication tool. Read more about this sign and EMC project. 

Taco Bell signage installed on time despite adverse job site and weather conditions

A tight urban location and adverse weather conditions created unique challenges for installation team. Find out how they managed to work within boundaries to get the job done on time.

Marquette University gains visibility with LED replacement signage

Marquette University worked with Lemberg's sign and lighting division experts to revive the signage on the Straz Tower. The result was a brighter and more visible university presence facing the busy Marquette Interchange. Read about this successful LED replacement project. 

Creative Problem-solving results in cost-effective visibility

Smart Choice MRI wanted new brand signage but still wanted to remain true to their roots. Lemberg designers went to work to find a design solution that fit the cost-saving mindset of the customer. Learn more about how they did it.

Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center gains visibility and reduces costs through retrofitting

When facility management at the Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center in Milwaukee realized their brand signage was growing dim, they turned to Lemberg sign and lighting experts for a solution. Learn about the retrofitting and refacing of the existing channel letters that increased visibility and savings for the facility. 

Froedtert and the Medical College of Wisconsin's north tower -- a curved challenge.

As part of the implementation of their new brand, officials at Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin opted to add LED lit channel letters on two elevations of the Froedtert Hospital North Tower. Lemberg's experts custom fit the new lighted logo box to the curve of the building. Learn more about the challenges presented by the curve.

Pettit Ice Center meets Olympic requirements with electronic message center

The Pettit Ice Center, an official Olympic training facility just outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, needed to meet new Olympic branding requirements. By installing an electronic message center (EMC) above the main entrance, they met those requirements and solved publicity challenges. The EMC is now used to advertise events and classes as well as publicize its Olympic qualifications. Read more about the EMC answer to an Olympic sized challenge.

BMO Harris Bradley Center gets unique sign for Bradley Center Club entrance

BMO Harris Bradley Center presented Lemberg Sign and Lighting with a vision for the new entry to the Bradley Center Club. Architects envisioned a band of branded lighting around the entrance of the club. The vision presented design challenges for the design team that they met with flying colors. See how Lemberg Sign and Lighting met the challenge

Upgraded exterior lighting helps Ernst & Young get noticed

By changing out the old lighting source from neon to LED, the letters of the Ernst & Young illuminated sign were brightened and now more visible to passerby traffic. Additionally, the cost to update the sign was minimal considering what the cost would have been to replace it entirely. Maintenance costs were reduced to zero dollars and Ernst & Young will see a return on their investment in less than 4 years. Read more about the Ernst & Young project.


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