Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center Gains Visibility and Reduces Costs Through Retrofitting

Background and Goals

The Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center is a nationally recognized facility for cardiology & heart surgery, gastroenterology and GI surgery, diabetes & endocrinology and pulmonology and geriatrics. Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the facility is among the top five percent in the United States for its heart transplant program and is very proud of its world-class specialists and ground-breaking procedures. 

Because of that reputation, visibility and brand are very important. The Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center’s facility management recognized that the building’s neon signage used outdated technology that was affecting visibility or needed attention. 

Split image showing improved LED channel lettering (top) and the outdated neon lettering (bottom).Comparison of original neon lettering (bottom) to the new LED channel lettering retrofitted to the existing sign (top). 


Since it had been a service provider to Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center, the Lemberg team of professionals approached facility management with concerns about the value of the ongoing repair of the signage and the elevated energy costs of the outdated neon sign technology. Lemberg’s reputation with the facility management was strengthened by work done previously at the facility by the sign, electrical construction and electrical service divisions and indirectly by the energy technology division.

The Lemberg sign division team proposed retro-fitting the existing channel letters with LED lights for better visibility and longevity citing maintenance and energy cost savings. Lemberg also proposed a refresh to the overall sign by replacing the channel letter faces and logo.


The location of the first elevation required Lemberg technicians to gain specialty access to the rooftop and set up electrical service. Using a platform called a “swing stage,” the certified installers cantilevered over the edge of the rooftop at the installation site to change out the signage. Taking extra precautions to ensure safety at ground level, the team installed additional mechanical fasteners to secure the new letter faces in place.

The Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center now has bright, consistently illuminated lettering that burns efficiently, offers reduced energy consumption and increases visibility for the brand. (See image above for comparison of final LED retrofitted product to the original neon lettering.) The process took approximately three weeks for a single elevation.


The new LED lighted letters will require less service and less energy, saving the facility management team an estimated 30% in annual expenses. Lemberg’s attention to safety and seamless integration of services were pivotal in the success of the project to date. Lemberg is proud to serve Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center through nearly all five of its divisions.