Better Leaders Reduce the High Cost of Turnover

Posted by John Rutkiewicz - Guest Blogger on Apr 20, 2018

You may have heard it before: People join companies, they leave leaders. Through decades of working with leaders at all levels in organizations around the county, we’ve found this claim to be true. Employees most often leave because of their immediate manager.

Research also supports this fact. Gallup has conducted more than 30 years of research into employee engagement and productivity. They have concluded that upwards of 70% of the reasons for voluntary turnover relate to elements that can be influenced by managers.

A survey conducted in the U.K. by Approved Index showed that 42% of employees admitted having left a job because of a bad boss. 

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Anniversary Memory: Blame It On the Snakes

Posted by E.V. Thompson on Apr 12, 2018

Our last post highlighted an invoice for $21.63 for the installation of "temporary wiring as per fire damage." The invoice came to us with an article that references the fire and the suspected arsonist.

We present exhibit A.

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Anniversary Memory: 1950 Service Invoice

Posted by E.V. Thompson on Apr 6, 2018

When you save a receipt or invoice, we'll bet that you aren't expecting to find it 68 years later. Imagine our surprise when an invoice from 1950 showed up tucked among some old business cards, images, and news articles.

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Anniversary Memory: U.S. Postage 3 Cents

Posted by E.V. Thompson on Mar 28, 2018

In 1950, the United States was different. Harry Truman was president. Cyrano de Bergerac was playing in theaters, Bing Crosby was crooning on the radio, Groucho Marx was host of "You Bet Your LIfe," and Jack Benny, Frank Sinatra and George Burns were entertaining America with their television talk shows. But there was something else happening quietly in Milwaukee...

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First Light On Some Favorite New Concepts In Iighting

Posted by Evan Hunt - Guest Blogger on Mar 21, 2018

The advancement of lighting technologies over the last few years can be compared to the internet craze that swept the country in the 1990's. It's all happening with incredible speed and breadth. 

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Anniversary Memory: Stock Markets, Depression, World War and Electricity

Posted by E.V. Thompson on Mar 15, 2018

William Lemberg began Lemberg Electric Company, Inc. in 1928, just before the stock market crashed. In the years that followed, the industrial and manufacturing industries shrunk and unemployment numbers grew. By 1930, according to EC&M, less than one third of all wire men in the U.S. were employed. 

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What You Need to Know Before Creating a New Business Sign

Posted by John Wachniak on Mar 9, 2018

When coaching our customers through the sign design and installation process, we find ourselves educating our customers about best practices in sign design and placement. What works on paper, may not be the best for a sign, after all. Here are a few simple yet important tips on what to look for in your next sign or Electronic Message Center (EMC).

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Anniversary Memory: Time-Tested Office Supplies Bring Back First-Day Memories

Posted by E.V. Thompson on Feb 28, 2018

Project managers are busy people who keep track of a boat-load of details. They are under pressure to deliver regular status updates and well-managed results. So, it makes sense that they'd get attached to tools that make their daily work easier and more efficient.

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Every Leader Needs Feedback (Including YOU): Four Reasons and Six Tips

Posted by John Rutkiewicz - Guest Blogger on Feb 23, 2018

Frank, a marketing director for an international distributor, was having dinner with Victor, his vice-president boss, on a trip together to Germany. Frank and Victor were visiting from the U.S. for a meeting the next day with Victor’s international marketing team. Frank used this private opportunity to give Victor some feedback.

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Anniversary Memory: Vintage Company Marketing Postcard that Doubled As a Recipe Card

Posted by E.V. Thompson on Feb 16, 2018

As we commemorate our 90th anniversary, images and stories from the past are unearthed. This marketing postcard was given to our president by Thomas Perra, Lemberg's former CFO. Notice that the address listed is from Lemberg's location on State Street in Milwaukee. What's interesting is that this postcard doubled as a place to share a favorite recipe for a previous administrator. On the back in penmanship of days gone by is a recipe for "Vinegar Torte." 

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