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Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling for a Workplace that Works

Structured cabling is a telecommunications infrastructure of networked low voltage cabling and components that support services that transmit data such as telephones, computers, security cameras and building access.

Expertly designed and installed structured cabling is essential to a high-performing workplace -- one that can meet both your current and future low voltage cabling needs. Whether your project is new construction, upgrades or expansion, our experienced team will help you identify the voice, data, access control, and building automation systems required to support your unique needs, vision, and budget.

Our data communications team will craft and install your ideal low voltage cabling design involving all the necessary elements:

  • Horizontal Cabling
  • Backbone Cabling
  • Communication Room Requirements

Integrated Facilities Systems

In addition, our customer-focused service includes warranty and maintenance through testing and certification of your structured cabling system as well as CAD drawings of floor plans, device details, and labeling.

Data Communications and Customer Experiences

Data cabling and communications projects not only need to be properly designed and installed, but they must also address tight timelines, challenging circumstances, and budgetary considerations. 

Please see our Projects page for insights on those we’ve served in multiple industries.

“Easy to reach, service is great! I’m very happy with my Lemberg experience!” - Deb H., IT director

Low Voltage Cabling Vendors and Coordinating Products

We partner with well-recognized industry leaders to design and install your ideal data communications and low voltage cabling solution:

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