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Design Build

Design-Build Services

Lemberg integrates with project owners, architects, engineers, contractors and other trades at the very beginning of a project by utilizing the design-build project delivery method.

Design-Build Approach to Construction

Unlike most traditional project delivery methods where separate contracts are awarded for design and construction, design-build allows both parties to work under one contract, helping to streamline timelines and prevent miscommunication.

All project stakeholders are involved from the very beginning of the project, working as one team to create the initial project design and predict the project scope, timeline and budget. In this initial project forecasting stage, all team members and divisions are able to identify issues ahead of time, resulting in a faster and better project result.

At Lemberg, our engineers and field personnel harness the power behind building information modeling (BIM) and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) to provide the most accurate electrical design concepts. We use industry-specific CAD MEP, Building Information Modeling, and Trimble® Total Station GPS technology, among others, to optimize workflow and see every layer of a project before it begins.

The Design-Build Process Steps

  1. Consultation: The Design-Build team consults with the customer, facility manager, IT manager and others to determine all the needs of the project.
  2. Conception & Budget: Conceptual drawings and estimated budget are created.
  3. Coordination: Mechanical and architectural drawings are coordinated.
  4. Review: Progress is reviewed with owner.
  5. Schedule: Project schedules are developed.
  6. Final Estimation: Final estimate is provided.
  7. Project: Project is managed and completed on time and within budget.

As a design-build electrical contractor, we take pride in using the latest technology to deliver quality and value with every project. Our designs allow for today’s needs as well as future expansions.

Benefits of The Design-Build Approach

By utilizing the design-build approach, Lemberg serves as your one-stop contractor, taking full responsibility for your project’s outcome. This will save you time and money by streamlining the construction process and ensuring your project needs, schedule and budget are met.

Other benefits of the design-build approach include:

  • Clear communication —  Single point of contact for project owners can reduce communication gaps and misunderstandings. What’s more, having the owner, architect, and contractor working as one team allows for complete project synergy and collaborative solutions when problems arise.
  • Faster project timelines — Instead of one team having to wait for another team to finish their task to begin theirs, working as one team under design-build allows everyone to work simultaneously, helping to reduce downtime and accelerate project timelines. For example, with the Lemberg team involved from the start of the design process, components of the project, such as project preparation and foundation work, can take place while more detailed designs are being completed.
  • Cost planning and savings — Working as one team under design-build allows for better project planning, giving the most accurate understanding of project scope and helping you better budget and track project expenses.
  • More flexibility — You will have more project freedom and flexibility, as the design-build team can respond to changing needs and opportunities more quickly and efficiently.

Additional Lemberg Project Delivery Methods

While we consider the design-build approach most effective, we also offer all construction project delivery methods, including:

  • Design-Assist: The early collaboration between the contractor and the designer of a design-assist project creates an efficient system for accurate costs and timelines. Our team offers electrical expertise during the design phase and collaborates in the final design and constructability of the project.
  • Plan/Spec: The plan/spec method is another traditional project delivery approach to construction that offers the cleanest separation between design and construction. It begins with the architect and engineer who create the construction plan and specifications. The owner selects the contractors. Though it places the most control on the owner, it often results in longer timelines and higher costs due to a greater probability of changes.
  • Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP): In this project delivery method, the owner and the contractor work together to create the project budget and scope of work based on agreed upon plans and specifications. The contractor and subsequent subcontractors agree to a maximum price.
  • Target Maximum Price (TMP): Begins with the owner, who hires the architect and engineer for the project design, plan and specifications. The owner also hires the contractors, who set a targeted maximum price for the completion of the project. This approach reduces the subcontractor input for risk mitigation.
  • Integrated Project Delivery (IPD): This collaborative project delivery approach creates a team of architects, owners, and contractors who work together on a project from beginning to end. This approach requires the most cooperation of all the methods but can reap great rewards in costs and timelines. Similar to the design-build method, IPD involves electrical engineers and designers in the earliest stages of the project. However, the responsibility and risks are decentralized across all stakeholders.

    For additional information on our design-build and other project delivery services, contact a Lemberg representative today at (262) 781-1500.