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Unlock The Powerful Benefits of BIM in the Pre-Construction Phase

September 28, 2022
Lemberg Team

The pre-construction phase involves laying out the full scope of a construction project and is crucial to achieving a high-performing building on the best budget. As you would expect, the phase requires a lot of time for issue resolution and changes.

Utilizing Building Information Modeling (BIM) in this initial design and planning phase is one of the most efficient processes of delivering a construction project from pre-construction to execution, and it’s changing the game in the construction world.BIM-3D-Render-Review

In this blog, we explain what BIM is, how it differs from VDC technology <link>, and its numerous benefits when utilized during a project’s pre-construction phase.

What is BIM Construction?

BIM is a process where project teams interface within a digital platform to deliver better project outcomes. It takes 2D design drawings and puts them into a 3D digital representation, providing a detailed overview of the prospective building’s infrastructure – all before breaking ground!

A BIM model is much more than a 3D model. It’s a cloud-based, intellectual platform that depicts every aspect of a project and tracks and reflects any changes. This allows the model to remain consistent and coordinated throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Building Information Modeling is a highly collaborative process where teams have the ability to interact within one BIM model and make informed project decisions in the pre-construction phase, saving both time and money when the project is executed.

Learn more about how we utilize BIM in our prefabrication construction program to improve convenience, efficiency, safety, and quality for every project.

BIM and VDC Technology

Many people believe Building Information Modeling and VDC technology are one of the same. While the two processes are often interconnected, it’s important to understand their differences and the unique benefits they bring to a project’s pre-construction and construction phases.

Building Information Modeling is the process of using one digital tool for project development. In contrast, VDC Technology is an all-encompassing methodology that utilizes numerous technologies, including drones, lasers, and cameras, to create a comprehensive digital picture of a project.

Therefore, BIM can be used alone or in combination with VDC Technology as part of its overarching methodology.

The Powerful Benefits of BIM in the Pre-Construction Stage

BIM solutions focus on improving planning and pre-construction processes, which enhances the build quality and results. Better planning guided by detailed insights allows designers to visualize the building in advance and perform any changes to improve quality. The result is a high-quality built asset.BIM-3D-Rendering

Other powerful benefits of utilizing BIM in the pre-construction phase include:

  • Maximum Efficiency — BIM makes it easier to manage and complete all aspects of pre-construction planning. The approach ensures clear communication and collaboration among project team members. Furthermore, the process reduces on-site errors and rework due to inaccurate information.
  • Accurate Cost Estimates and reduced risk— BIM gives contractors a full insight into the project, allowing them to make exact material estimates and effectively leverage the just-in-time delivery approach. It also helps predict any potential construction or safety issues that may arise, potentially saving thousands of dollars in unexpected costs from hazards and delays.
  • Improved Project Insight — The 3D look in a BIM plan is more lifelike, offering better visualization of the result for a better feel for the construction project. A realistic 3D plan provides a sense of practical processes and those that require changing.
  • Improved Communication and Collaboration — Design notes, models, and estimates are centrally stored, and the entire project spread is accessible to all planning stakeholders. This prevents any unnecessary meetings or bottlenecks and leads to a seamless, efficient project.

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Using industry-specific BIM, CAD MEP, and VDC Technology, our construction experts can optimize pre-construction workflow and foreshadow every aspect of the project before commencement.

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