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Residential EV Charging 

Home EV Charging Station Installation in Milwaukee and SE Wisconsin

If you’re looking to install an EV charging station at home, Lemberg makes the home installation process for any EV charger as easy as possible. Our expert team will take the time to understand your EV charging needs and concerns, helping you find a quote you can trust.

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We are proud to be your trusted Milwaukee and SE Wisconsin home EV charging station contractor, providing residents with expertise and guidance for all electric makes and models and the overall installation process.

Home EV Charging Station Levels

Lemberg offers home EV charging station installation services for all Level 1 and Level 2 EV chargers.

Level 1 (120 volts)

Level 1 EV charging uses a standard household outlet and is the slowest and lowest power option for home charging. Most EVs come with a Level 1 charger included. It takes up to 24 hours to fully charge your EV, providing about 4 miles of range per hour of charging. Although it's the simplest option, it's essential to consult an expert electrician to avoid overloading your outlet's circuit.

Level 2 (240 volts)

Level 2 EV charging is the most popular and cost-effective household charger. They are much faster than Level 1 chargers and can charge an EV up to 80% in half an hour to 40 minutes, with a range of 20-30 miles per hour of charging.

Additional equipment is required for a Level 2 charger. A professional electrician must install a 240-volt outlet in your place of charging and upgrade your home's electrical panel and surge protection if necessary for correct installation.

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Benefits of Installing a Level 2 EV Charger in Your Home

Installing a Level 2 EV charging station at home provides the convenience of fast charging your EV overnight or anytime you desire. This will eliminate the need for frequent trips to public charging stations, helping you save money in charging costs.

While utilizing public Level 3 DC chargers can be fast and convenient, they can also degrade your EV battery over time and shouldn’t be used as your only charging source. With a home EV Level 2 charger, you can ensure a consistent and reliable charging experience so you get the most out of your EV’s battery life and performance.

LEMB - evc brands

At Lemberg, we see these companies consistently meet the needs of our customers, but we are licensed for installation on all EV charging brands.

Home EV Charging In a Multi-Unit Residence

Lemberg's services extend beyond single-family homes to apartment buildings, condominiums, duplexes, and triplexes. We understand that multi-unit dwellings come with their own unique challenges, such as shared common spaces like parking or electrical infrastructure.

At Lemberg, we have years of experience working with property managers and recommending cost-effective solutions that meet the needs of each stakeholder. Whether installing a shared charging station or setting up individual units for each resident, we can help you find the best solution.

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Why Choose Lemberg

Lemberg is committed to being your trusted Milwaukee and SE Wisconsin EV charging station contractor. We are now offering residential and commercial EV charging station installation for all level 1, 2, and 3 EV chargers. If you’re looking for EV charger installation, Lemberg has experience and expertise in the installation of charging stations for all electric vehicle makes and models.

We are dedicated to providing you with turnkey and budget-friendly solutions to your residential or commercial EV charging station installation needs. Whatever the scope of the project, we are here to help guide you from initial planning and cost estimating to final unit installation.

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What You Need to Know About EV Charging Stations: The FAQs


Do you need an electrician to install a home EV charger?

It's crucial to choose an electrician with specific expertise in EV charger installations. Installing an EV charger involves more than just a standard electrical outlet, as it requires a higher voltage and proper wiring to handle the charging load. Look for an electrician experienced in handling EV chargers, familiar with different brands and models, and knowledgeable about local electrical codes.

Not only will hiring a certified electrician ensure the charger hookup meets all national compliance and installation requirements laws, but many EV charging points require installation by a certified contractor to obtain their warranty.


Is it worth the investment to install a level 2 home charger?

Level 2 home chargers are a cost-effective choice for the typical commuter. They provide added convenience compared to Level 1 charging, allowing you to use your electric vehicle without compromising your daily schedule and mobility.

Although Level 2 EV chargers have additional installation costs compared to level 1 chargers, these expenses can be offset over time by not having to make as many stops at public charging stations, which often require a charging fee.


What is EVSE in EV charging?

Electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) supplies electricity to an electric vehicle (EV). Also known as charging stations or charging docks, they supply electric power to the vehicle and use that to recharge the vehicle's batteries.


Do I need to be connected to a network for my charger to work?

A network or wireless connection will be needed for commercial settings to allow payments, remote diagnostics and other cloud-based features, or location services to get your charger on digital map services like Google maps.

Although, for home and other locations where the charger is being used privately, a network may not be needed. Landlords for multi-unit residential buildings who wish to charge tenants a fee for using a charging station can simplify the option by adding a charge onto rent similar to a parking spot or pet fee.

Lemberg’s Data Communications team can assist with your on-property network connectivity for your new EV charging stations.

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Milwaukee’s Leading Home EV Charging Station Contractor Supporting “Net Zero” by 2050

Electric vehicle charging stations are part of global climate initiatives. At the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference in November 2021, the goal to meet “net zero” carbon emissions worldwide by 2050 was set. Large scale efforts to reduce waste, move to electrical, cleaner and more renewable energy sources are already in play.

Lemberg is proud to support households across the Milwaukee and SE Wisconsin area with affordable and future-focused home EV charger installation services.

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