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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions About Low Voltage, Data Network Cabling.

Stand in the same room with our data communications team while they're talking shop and your head will spin from the jargon. So, what exactly IS data communications and what does all the "data slang" mean? Here's a few terms you might hear on the job and the definitions to keep you informed and a few questions we hear often.


What is fusion splicing?

Fusion splicing is the process of connecting two optical fibers. The process involves stripping, cleaning, cleaving and splicing the fiber. Watch fusion splicing process below. 



Will you help determine my needs?

Absolutely! Our experienced professionals are certified for Axis, Hubbell, Panduit, BRIVO, and a wide variety of security solutions. We'll help you determine where to put your security and which systems to use in your unique situation. 


What about coordinated controls?

We will create systems for your building that coordinate systems such as lighting, heating and security. We'll make recommendations for your system today that will work for your business tomorrow.


What is a DMARC?

DMARC stands for "demarcation point." It is the point at which the Service provider network ends and connects with the wiring. A demarcation point is also referred to as the minimum point of entry or main point of entry or MPOE.


What is an MDF and an IDF?

MDF stands for Main Distribution Frame and IDF stands for Independent Distribution Frame. An MDF is the main computer room for servers, hubs, routers, DSL's, etc. to reside. An IDF is a remote room or closet connected to the MDF, in which you can expect to find hubs and patch panels.


What is a telecommunications outlet?

The connecting hardware on the far-end of the horizontal cable in the work area is referred to as a telecommunications outlet. 


What is horizontal cabling?

The cabling on each floor that connects the telecommunications outlets at the work area to a horizontal cross-connect located in the MDF or an IDF.


What is backbone cabling?

The cabling that connects the DMARC and each IDF back to the MDF.


When is plenum cable used?

Plenum cables are used in applications that require routing through above-ceiling air circulation spaces, they have a special coating, which doesn't emit toxic fumes when it burns.