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Virtual Design and Construction

Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) Services

Virtual Design and Construction, or VDC, is part of Lemberg’s preconstruction services that bridges the gap between preconstruction and construction processes.

It is the stage where we bring the concerns and goals of all stakeholders together in a 3D virtual environment to analyze the efficiency of a project schedule, budget, design, and safety. Technology, such as laser scanners, 3D Building Information Modeling, and cameras, are used to uncover potential issues.

VDC is a holistic and visual approach that offers all stakeholders a clear understanding of a project and all its stages, producing a more collaborative, streamlined, and successful project.

Lemberg VDC Services

Lemberg is proud to have a team solely dedicated to our VDC services. Our VDC project manager is involved in every project from day one, incorporating the right technology needed to plan and execute a project timeline that is more involved and detailed than ever before.

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Benefits of VDC

Here are a few key benefits of VDC:

  • Protects the timeline and budget – VDC is a valuable tool that helps project managers, field foremen, contractors, and owners see the project lifespan. The design is approved, and issues are managed early. The team manages changes in the design before they affect scheduling. Knowing specific product preferences, the team can bypass supply chain delays with early ordering or alternative recommendations based on availability.

  • Reveals potential clashes – VDC designers can present all trade work for the project in 3-dimensions, which reveals where various trade plans intersect. Clashes in both design and scheduling can be adjusted to avoid costly project timeline delays and rework. Projects become safer and more efficient.

  • Identifies prefabrication opportunities – The VDC team collaborates with engineers and prefabrication experts to uncover opportunities for offsite prefabrication. The environment and the resulting quality are more controlled. The team can arrange to have assemblies and other materials delivered on demand, keeping job sites clutter-free and safe.

  • Creates better communications – The VDC process is collaborative. With more shared knowledge and clearer communications, stakeholders can work together to reduce errors, avoid conflicts, and promote more productive decision-making.

  • Uncovers opportunities for sustainability – The efficiency created through the VDC process is reflected in the facilitation of greener building practices and more sustainable solutions. VDC opens opportunities for integrated energy-saving building technology and lighting, recycling throughout the project, and more efficient trade schedules.


It’s a common misconception to believe that VDC and building information modeling (BIM) are interchangeable. VDC and BIM may be very similar and often interconnected, but they are not the same.

BIM can be thought of as a tool for project development, while VDC can be understood as the process that utilizes various technologies, including BIM, to visualize, monitor, and manage a project from initial concept to completion.

BIM technology, for example, creates a detailed digital representation or 3D model of a physical building. BIM can be used alone or in combination with VDC technology as part of its overarching methodology to create a complete digital representation of the project.

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Lemberg is a full-service electrical, design-build, and prefab electrical construction contractor serving Milwaukee and southeastern Wisconsin for nearly 100 years. Our diverse team of experienced specialists will work together during every stage of your project, bringing you the best in design-build, prefabrication, BIM and VDC technology this industry has to offer.

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