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Agile Construction® Project Management

Lean and Agile Electrical Construction Project Management

Lemberg subscribes to Agile Construction®, a set of processes and tools developed by MCA, Inc. and backed by 20 years of research. Interwoven with Lemberg’s existing project management systems, Agile Construction® offers a unique and quantifiable approach to measure job site productivity and manage schedules.

Through Agile Electrical Construction, we use practical, holistic, project management techniques that result in the lean, efficient and timely delivery of a project. Our process informs our bidding, which sets Lemberg apart from other electrical construction contractors. Our customers get an accurate picture of the total project from bid to bill -- managing overruns, delays and surprises.


Value of Agile Electrical Construction Project Management to Our Customers

Our project management teams and field leaders have the flexibility to respond rapidly to job site needs through the real-time monitoring of Agile Electrical Construction. We use feedback to improve job site performance and provide a better experience for our customers.

  • Increased responsiveness to job site conditions
  • Improved productivity and materials handling
  • Greater accuracy in scheduling
  • Improved safety and cleaner job sites
  • Increased efficiency through prefabrication
  • Early warning on potential issues

As an agile construction company using agile construction project management, we establish a productivity baseline and forecast trends that will negatively affect the project goals. We are able to identify root causes for workflow and production interruptions, solve them quickly, and keep projects on schedule.

Accurate Outcome Prediction

Agile Construction® project management in the field works in conjunction with Lemberg's existing internal cost code system in the office. Cost codes are created directly from our estimating software and monitored bi-monthly by our project management team.

This unique combination of systems allows us to monitor a project from two perspectives, giving us greater insight into job productivity. When a project is approximately 25% completed, we perform a standard evaluation of the entire project. Based on the data from that evaluation, we're able to predict the progression of a project and adjust to meet the desired timelines or alert the customer to possible delays. 

The Agile Electrical Construction Process

Agile Electrical Construction keeps our field electricians in control and making adjustments in real-time. Our staff has adjusted quickly to the new processes that involves:

  • Project Kickoff Meetings: Our vice president for construction, estimators, project managers and field foremen meet to review the project objectives, set milestones, establish deliverables, and analyze risk.

  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS): Prior to the start of a project, the project foreman lays out the entire job structure and denotes timing, personnel and materials needed at every stage. Project foreman apply their tactical experience to identify scope gaps and provide a visible road map for the project productivity.

  • Prefabrication: Through the WBS, we identify opportunities for prefabrication. Prefabrication makes job sites leaner and safer by reducing the number of distractions and keeping the job site free from excess materials, tools and manpower.

  • Project Monitoring: Our teams use two Agile Construction® tools -- Job Productivity Assurance and Control (JPAC®) and Short Interval Scheduling (SIS®) – to build continuous improvement and agility into every project. Through this software, we monitor job productivity and scheduling in real-time, allowing us early warning on potential issues or delays. Together with our internal cost codes and standard evaluation of a project at 25% completion, we're able to use Agile Construction® tools to accurately predict the outcome and progression of any project. Hear how two of our team members take advantage of Agile techniques on the job.

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Agile Electrical Construction FAQs

What is agile electrical construction?

  • Agile electrical construction is a method of building designed to quickly adapt to changes in delivery or designs and to optimize job site productivity and schedule management.

What are the advantages to selecting a contractor who uses agile electrical construction?

  • Agile electrical construction offers Lemberg customers improved productivity, more efficient materials handling, greater accuracy in scheduling, reduced jobsite congestion, and increased safety. Agile electrical construction improves the predictability of project outcome, allowing Lemberg to be proactive and respond with agility to the changing needs on the jobsite.

What are the four characteristics of Agile Construction® for the electrical industry?

  • The four characteristics of agile electrical construction are: the processes and progress are always visible; project managers and field personnel are able to respond to changes quickly; productivity is maximized; project timelines and budgets are protected.

How do I learn more about Lemberg’s agile electrical construction services?