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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Interior and Exterior Signs


Why should I use Lemberg as my business sign vendor?

Lemberg is a full-service sign design, outdoor lighting installation and maintenance provider in the Milwaukee area. We have award-winning custom sign designers on staff, and offer fabrication, survey, permit and consulting services and back it up with over 30 years of reliable, timely sign installation and service.

We've been given 5-star ratings from our customers, who have experienced first hand the innovative solutions created by our design, project management and installation teams.


What value does Lemberg bring?

Lemberg Signs and Lighting provides comprehensive customer service and exemplary customer care. We listen to our customers and ask questions to understand their needs. We offer suggestions based on our experience and knowledge that create conveniences and save our customers time and money. 


What certifications or accreditations does Lemberg hold?

Lemberg is an active member of the Wisconsin Sign Association (WSA) and the International Sign Association (ISA). Lemberg techs are certified in the following:

    • CDL
    • FED MED Card
    • OSHA 30
    • NFPA 70E
    • Rappelling
    • Rigging/Signaling
    • Crane operation
    • Welding
    • Aerial and Scissor Lift
    • Swing Stage
    • Scaffold Competence
    • Personal Fall Protection
    • Forklift Operation (regular and rough terrain)
    • CPR/AED
    • First Aid
    • Hilti Fire Stopping 101

What type of businesses does Lemberg serve?

Lemberg works directly with local business owners, general contractors, architects, property developers, commercial real estate managers. We serve a variety of industries healthcare, arts/entertainment, commercial, institutional/education, multitenant residential, restaurant/hospitality, industrial. See our projects by industry here. 


What types of sign projects does Lemberg typically undertake?

We work with individual business owners, municipalities, franchisees, property management companies, design firms on complete sign packages. We also work with national sign companies on installation-only projects. This includes (but is not limited to) LED retrofitting and digital signage/electronic message center design and installation.

Our award-winning design and installation team has experience working with a variety of materials that create unique looks that are consistent with your brand. Our experienced installation team can handle even the most difficult installations including high-rise/high-density installations. 


How long might a sign project take?

The typical time from concept to installation can be between 8 & 12 weeks after client and municipal approval is obtained. Ultimately, the complexity of the project and the availability of materials the design incorporates determine a sign’s completion date, but Lemberg offers one of the highest commitments to meeting deadlines, and our resources provide us the flexibility to work within tight, fast sign development time frames.


How far does Lemberg travel for sign projects?

Lemberg can directly install and service signs and lighting throughout Southeastern Wisconsin, and in some cases will travel anywhere within the state of Wisconsin. Additionally, we have the ability to handle any project indirectly within the United States using our network of certified installation partners. See coverage map.


Do you offer design services?

Yes. We offer a complete set of branding services for new and established brands. Our award-winning designers will work with you to create signage customized to your unique brand and location


What information or files do I need to submit to complete my sign project?

In cases where we will need to replicate a customer logo or brand, we ask for a vector-based electronic file. A vector-based file is usually a PDF or has a .DRW, .AI, .EPS, .SVG, and sometimes .JPEG file extension.  A high resolution file is best. 

In some cases, we may require additional documents that help us obtain municipal approval to install signage, such as a scaled site plan or property owner consent.


How long will my new sign last?

Lemberg uses a wide variety of materials in the construction of our signs. There are materials that are preferred for short-term applications and materials that will stand the test of time. 


What are the different types of materials used in making my signage?

We have worked with acrylic, aluminum, wood, steel, glass, stone and various composite substances. Visit our sign portfolio to view a sample of concepts and learn more about the construction options here


Why do the letters in my sign look dim or pink?

If your sign looks dimmer than signs nearby, it may be attributed to several factors.

Pink or dim letters are many times a sign of neon failure. Sign letters that are illuminated with neon will dim in cold temperatures. Mercury vapor that is in the neon tubing condenses, which makes letters have a pink appearance to them. 

If your signs are older and seem more dull than your neighboring businesses, you might benefit from an LED upgrade. LED lamps burn brighter and more efficiently than traditional lamps. Contact us today to learn more. 



What are my options for illuminated signs?

There are three standard illumination components for signs: fluorescent lamps, neon or LED. Each type of illumination implies a different program for maintenance, or lack thereof. If longevity, maintenance or repair costs are a concern, it is important to have a conversation with a qualified representative to determine the best illumination application for your sign.


What are the restrictions for signs on my property in my municipality?

Regulations for signs differ between cities. Allowable square footage, mounting height and method, color & material, or timing of electronic changeable message signs are common parameters that need to be accounted for. Lemberg facilitates code research, permit procurement and can attend mandatory plan review meetings for all of our sign clients to ensure your sign meets all requirements.


What other services does Lemberg offer?

Lemberg has a full suite of services including Electrical Service, Electrical Contruction, Data Communications, Energy Technology and Business Signs. We offer 24-hour emergency service, preventative and on-call maintenance for all signs, building lighting and parking lot lights.

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