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Building Automation Systems

Building Automation Systems (BAS) Installation

Wisconsin businesses rely on our installation expertise to make commercial and industrial building spaces safe, comfortable, and more efficient.

With our combined electrical and Building Automation System (BAS) installation capabilities, we are ideally suited to bridge the gap between all trades and disciplines. In this rapidly changing industry, we are often the first choice of a variety of building management systems companies to create present-day efficiencies without sacrificing future economic benefits and capabilities.

For many of our customers, increasing efficiencies through improved management of equipment or human capital is of paramount importance in their overall BAS game plan. So too is safety and security. They all fit together to make your building, and business, as smart, operational, productive, and secure as possible.

Lemberg’s BAS Installation Know-How

A building automation system solution isn’t effective without knowing precisely where to mount the sensors, actuators, and devices to track and control systems such as HVAC, lighting, hot and chill water, and shade control, to name a few. Our team leverages their combined 40 years of diversified experience in electrical, low voltage cabling, and BAS to orchestrate enhanced, smart building installation projects for schools, hospitals, and high-end office buildings.

When it comes right down to it, BAS can be a multi-faceted and sophisticated solution that can leave you confused about which BAS options to consider when upgrading your facilities or for expansion and remodel projects.

We understand this challenge and how we can help you meet it.

Building Automation System Solutions

The controls, components, and features of your smart building system can vary based on your strategic goals, needs, and budget. The following is an example of systems that can be integrated.
Lemberg Building Automation Systems

Code Blue Call Boxes

Call boxes located in shopping areas, institutional campuses and other areas and used to notify authorities of emergencies.


Area of Rescue/Refuge

Two-way emergency or assistance communication systems usually located near stairwells and elevators.


Fire Alarm

Wired systems for fire detection and notification.


Shade controls

Automated systems that control window shades based on the natural light entering the room.


Lighting controls

Automated systems that control lighting in an area based on occupancy or natural light levels.


Audio Systems

Systems for communication, paging, music or ambient sound-masking for privacy.


Surveillance & Security Cameras

Internal/External camera systems for building and parking lot safety.


Door Access

Systems that control entry into a building or restricted area of a building.


IT Data Center Controls

Automated control systems to maintain consistent environments in IT Data Centers.

Building Automation Systems Industry Experience

Our data communications team has consulting and installation experience in the following industries throughout southeast Wisconsin:

  • Industrial/Manufacturing
  • Commercial
  • Healthcare/Pharmaceutical/Medical
  • Educational
  • IT/Data Centers

Getting Started: What’s Under Your BAS Umbrella?

An initial consultation will help determine which capabilities are crucial for you today, along with the best match in a controls manufacturer or master systems integrator company. We will also explore future needs with forward-thinking insights on emerging technologies and capabilities for a smart building network.

Begin the process now by exploring the resources listed below, or call us at (262) 781-1500. You may also Request a Quote now to get started.

Data Communications and BAS Planning Resources: