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Learn more about the design, manufacturing, and installation of your business signs.

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Learn More Via Video

Lemberg is a member of the International Sign Association (ISA), an organization devoted to supporting, promoting and improving the sign industry. These informative videos produced by the ISA will help you prepare for your new sign. (Videos courtesy of ISA.) 

Building the American Dream

Learn why signs are important to the success of any business.


Life of a Sign

Learn the steps to successful sign creation.


The Changing Face of Signs

Learn about the history of signs and their place in consumer sales.


5 Factors of Sign Visibility

Learn the five top factors that affect the visibility of your sign.


Sign Height

Learn about proper signage height and the best practices in business sign placement for best visibility (above) and zoning compliance.


Measuring Sign Area

Know how the shape of your sign affects your allotted sign space and how measure your sign. This video hints to the reasons for common sign dimensions and designs.


Discover a Career in the Sign Industry

Learn more about working in the sign industry and the opportunities for sales, installation and creativity.


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