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Energy Management Solutions Driven By Advanced Energy Technology Services

Our priority is creating the right solution for your energy management needs. We bring solutions to business owners and facilities managers that minimize the potential for downtime, reduce energy costs, and provide bright, safe and convenient environments for their customers and employees. Lemberg Electric is your trusted partner in green energy management services, from solar electric systems to electric vehicle charging stations, LED lighting to automated environmental controls, and more.

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New! Annual Energy Cost Savings Estimator 

Want to know how much your business could save by switching to LED lighting? Use our estimator tool to find out.

Green Energy Solutions for Your Business

Our team is ready to help you control energy consumption and save money. We use state-of-the-art technology to assess equipment performance and critical power systems, diagnose potential risks and create opportunities for grid-friendly operations. We'll help you save even more through rebate programs like Wisconsin's Focus on Energy.

Solar Electric Systems, Lighting Options, and Preventive Maintenance Create Savings and Provide Convenience

  • Solar Electric Systems convert sunlight to electricity. Solar panels with photovoltaic cells reduce electricity consumption, relieve energy costs and forward momentum toward zero-energy buildings.
  • Electric car charging stations in garages and parking lots allow customers and employees the convenience of re-charging while they work, shop, eat or take care of business. Learn more about EV Charger installation
  • LED lighting and fixtures are more energy efficient and cost effective than traditional lighting. LEDs (light emitting diodes) create a brighter, more energy efficient environment, have a longer life than traditional lighting, and require less maintenance.
  • Occupancy sensors and automated environmental controls turn utilities like lighting on and off based on occupancy in a room to provide additional energy savings and a no-touch experience for your employees and customers. These are commonly used in breakrooms, classrooms, conference rooms, corridors, private offices, restrooms, and warehouses.
  • Preventive maintenance programs with Infrared (IR) Testing help facilities managers mitigate risks of unplanned downtime by analyzing equipment to uncover energy loss and failing components.
  • Electrical Preventive Maintenance Plans keep you ahead of trouble and save money. Read our guide to building EPM plans here.
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Did you know?

You can earn incentives for your efforts to be more energy efficient. 

Through Focus on Energy, a Wisconsin program for energy efficiency and renewable energy, eligible businesses and residents can save money and energy by using more efficient fixtures and lighting, installing programmable controls, and more.

Visit to learn more then contact Lemberg -- an official Focus on Energy Trade Ally  -- for a consultation.

Financial Benefits of a Green Energy Solution

From design to installation, we provide facilities with power systems and energy saving solutions to help create safe environments that are efficient, comfortable, controlled and often hands-free. We help businesses save costs through:

  • Reduced Business Interruption
  • Reduced Energy Costs
  • Extended Equipment Life
  • Minimized Electrical Utility
  • Minimized Energy Consumption
  • Greatly Reduced Repair
  • Minimized Power Quality Risks
  • Managed Life / Safety Risk
  • Incentives with Wisconsin's Focus on Energy Program

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