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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station Installation in Milwaukee and SE Wisconsin

Lemberg is committed to being your trusted Milwaukee and SE Wisconsin EV charging station contractor. We are now offering EV charging station installation for all level 1, 2 and 3 EV chargers.

If you’re looking for EV charger installation, Lemberg has experience and expertise in the installation of charging stations for all electric vehicle makes and models. Our electricians are certified under the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program (EVITP), a collaborative effort between automakers, EVSE manufacturers, educational institutions, utility companies, electrical industry professionals and key EV industry stakeholders.

We’re seeing EV charging stations become standard conveniences in residential homes and buildings, workplaces, shopping centers, restaurants, service stations, auto dealers, hotels, sports and entertainment venues, and within specialized operations that have fleets of vehicles.

There are electric vehicle charging station models to fit every vehicle, every location and every budget. Learn more about EV Charging from our blog

Features of EV Chargers

Lemberg offers residential and commercial installation for EV Charger brands that fit all EV makes and models. Features of EV Chargers can include multiple mounting and display options, diagnostics, reporting, alerts, and recovery.

Here are some other possible features of EV Charging stations.

  • Autonomous operation
  • Cloud-Based software
  • Mobile phone touch-pay technology
  • 24/7 charging and payment processing
  • Low operating costs
  • Low maintenance
  • Load management
  • Sequential charging for fleets
  • Cord retraction
  • Future network extendibility
  • Map app location services

What You Need to Know About EV Charging Stations: The FAQs


How can I be sure an EV Charging Station is compatible with my EV?

Your EV will most likely come equipped with a charger that will fit your standard home 120V outlet. Most Level 2 EV Chargers that you’ll use in the community are compatible most makes and types of electrical vehicles and battery capacities. Popular brands that require use of a specific branded charger, like Tesla for example, often come with adapters that allow owners to use other brands of Level 2 EV Chargers. DC Fast chargers can be more restrictive.


How long will it take to fully charge my EV Battery?

Charger loads and full charge times vary based on the size of the EV battery and its range. The slowest charge may get only 3-5 miles for an hour charge. The fastest charge will charge a battery to 80% in 20-30 minutes.


Do you need an Electrician to install an EV Charging Station?

Most EVs come equipped with a Level 1 charger that will fit a standard residential 120v outlet. Some owners are opting for the faster charge of a Level 2 DC fast charger, which requires a 208v or 240v outlet. If you need an outlet installed where you park your car, a qualified, licensed electrician will understand the electrical load requirements of your EV and the strength of your current electrical system. They’ll be able to ensure proper power to satisfy the current construction and electrical codes for the location of level 1, 2 or 3 (400-900v) EV Chargers.


Do I need to be connected to a network for my charger to work?

Home and other locations where the charger is being used privately may not need a network. But in commercial or municipal settings, a network or wireless connection will be needed to allow payments, remote diagnostics and other cloud-based features, or location services to get your charger on digital map services like Google maps.


What signage do I need around my commercial EV Charging Station?

Once your charger is installed, you will want to keep the space free from non-EV vehicles with proper signage or ground painting. Lemberg’s Signs and Lighting team can assist you with marking and signing your new EV Charging location, so it is easy to identify and ADA compliant.

Milwaukee’s Leading Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station Contractor Supporting “Net Zero” by 2050

Electric vehicle charging station contractors are supporting global climate initiatives, and Lemberg is here to help! At the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference in November 2021, the goal to meet “net zero” carbon emissions worldwide by 2050 was set. Large scale efforts to reduce waste, move to electrical, cleaner and more renewable energy sources are already in play.

Lemberg is proud to support this initiative and promote the use and installation of EV charging stations in Milwaukee and SE Wisconsin.

Call our Service Department today at (262) 781-1500 or complete an information request form online to learn more about being part of the zero-emissions solution in Wisconsin.

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