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Lemberg 95th Anniversary

Celebrating 95 years of electrical industry excellence, 30 years of employee ownership, and your loyalty


Today, we take one step closer to a century of industry-leading craftsmanship and collaboration.GettyImages-174673848-(1)

By remembering our past and empowering our teams to strive for industry excellence and innovation, we continue to propel our company, our customers and our community forward. We thank you for being part of Lemberg’s story. 

In 1928, Lemberg began a reputation of integrity, expertise and service. In 1992, we redefined what it means to be a Lemberg owner. Today, we're continuing a tradition of combining a highly skilled workforce with innovative technology to bring customized solutions to our customers in all five areas of service; electrical construction, 24/7 service, data communications, business signs and energy technologies. 

And we’re just getting started!

95 Years

Turning 95 isn't just a milestone—it's an opportunity to acknowledge where we are today and raise a glass to thank those who've helped us along the way. Our deepest gratitude goes to you— our employees, customers and community— for your loyalty. You are our foundation, our family, and our future.


Memories from team past and present

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Group 1172

Happy Anniversary, Lemberg!

I feel so fortunate to have seen the company's 90th and now 95th. I am proud to be a part of the effort to fulfill the company's mission and to work with a team of such warm and talented people. I am honored to tell your story. Here's to 95 years and counting -- Congratulations, Lemberg!


Lemberg Employee

Thank you for all you have done.

Thank you for all you have done working with our team at Concordia University over the years. Between our modernation projects and
new construction on campus, we have seen a great campus grow and develop into one of the premier Higher Ed institutions in Wisconsin.


Concordia University, Wisconsin

Happy Anniversary!

Happy anniversary ... 95 years is a milestone that not many achieve. Congratulations!


Direct Supply


Congratulations to 95 years and many more!


Lemberg Customer

Thanks for all you do!

Thanks for all you do to support me in my job as Facility Manager. Your guys make me look good!


Catholic Financial Life

Lasted the Test of Time

Congratulations on 95 years. It's easy to see why this company has lasted the test of time.



Always My Favorite Place

Lemberg will always be my favorite place. No matter what state I'm in or what other company I work for, I will always have Love and Respect for how Lemberg runs their business, and how well they treat their employees. 

Congratulations on 95 years! Almost a century!


Former Lemberg Employee

Great People, Quality Service

Happy Anniversary Lemberg! It's not a surprise why you've been in business this long. You hire great people, train them well and provide high quality service.


Waukesha Client


Thanks For Not Losing Sight of Your "Why"

Congratulations Lemberg on 95 years! Thank you for not losing sight of your why! You truly got here because you care about the end result and your customers' needs. We see that you value your team and what you pour into them also flows down to your employees. I am very grateful for all you have done for us. Companies can't celebrate 95 years without doing things right! so, thank you!


Lake Country Cards



WOW -- Happy Anniversary!!!!


M-W Marine


Here's to 100!

Happy 95, invite me to the 100 year celebration!


Block Electric

Grateful and Proud

Happy 95th Lemberg! As we mark this incredible milestone, I am so proud to say that I'm an ESOP member of Lemberg as we embrace our values in all that we do, with each project we take on, within our internal and external relationships, and through our community service. I am grateful to be a part of such a wonderful team that gets to celebrate our history while moving forward with future success into the next 95. Happy Anniversary!


Lemberg Employee

For the 48 

For the 48 years I spent my life with Lemberg Electric I never regret coming to work or sending a service truck out at 2 AM. Great company keep up the good work.


Former Lemberg Employee

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Earning a Five-Star Status

At Lemberg, we are committed to continuous improvement and strive for excellence, which is why we view all feedback from our customers, vendors, and employees as an opportunity for growth. We are proud to say 9 out of 10 customers who responded to our 2022 customer feedback surveys said they would “highly recommend” Lemberg and will continue to use Lemberg’s services in the future.


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