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7 Benefits of Installing an EV Charging Station at Your Commercial Business

April 6, 2023
Lemberg Team

EV chargerWith electric vehicle popularity drastically increasing in the last two years (with no prediction to slow down), it’s no surprise more businesses are investing in electric vehicle (EV) charging stations to attract more EV drivers and stay current with evolving technology.

In this blog, we dive into the benefits of installing an EV charging station at your commercial business, giving you plenty of reasons why now is the perfect time to invest!

What Are the Benefits of Installing an EV Charging Station at Your Commercial Business?

1) Attract EV-driving customers and employees

Installing an EV charging station at your commercial business can take your customer service and employee satisfaction to a new level. EV-driving customers will know your business is mindful of their needs and appreciate the convenience of charging their vehicles while they work, shop, or dine with you.

What’s more, employees are looking for forward-thinking, environmentally friendly companies. Installing an EV charging station and offering your employees the added benefit of charging their car while working is a great way to attract and retain the best talent in today’s competitive market.

2) Increase visibility

There are EV charging station apps that literally put your business on the map. These apps mark your business as an EV-charging-friendly location, allowing new or potential customers to discover your business.

Not only that, but these apps can also display the availability of your EV charger and provide a waitlist option. Customers can also make payments via the app, which all add up to making the lives of your EV-driving customers easy.

Click here to learn about the three levels of EV charging stations and how to choose the best level of EV charging for your commercial business.

3) Generate additional revenue

Much like gas at a gas station, you can charge customers a fee for using your EV charging station. You’ll be able to charge your customer what you want and change the price point as many times a day as you wish, allowing you to increase your rate based on events, time of day, or demand.

In addition, many EV charging stations include a digital display screen that can rotate messages or advertising. For example, if your business is centrally located with a lot of foot traffic, these displays can capture the attention of anyone who passes by the screens, making them a valuable asset for promoting goods and services in an environment where people are ready to buy. This allows a business owner to promote their own business and charge a fee for other businesses to promote theirs.

4) Showcase your commitment to the environment

Business owners must find every opportunity to stand out from the crowd and attract new customers. With increasing environmental awareness, businesses are given a unique opportunity to tap into the "green" market.

According to an IBM retail report, more than half (57%) of consumers are more willing to change their shopping habits to reduce their environmental impact, meaning they are more likely to seek out businesses that share the same eco-friendly values.

Installing an EV charging station at your business shows customers you care about sustainability and you're aware of the importance of environmental responsibility. Not only will this help promote your business as being “green,” but it will also encourage shoppers to consider their own environmental impact.

At Lemberg, we specialize in installing EV charging stations. With nearly 100 years of experience serving Milwaukee-area businesses, we are your reliable, one-top EV charging station installation company. Click here to learn everything you need to know about installing an EV charging station at your business and how Lemberg can help!

EVC Installation Guide

5) Motivate customers to stay longer

Installing an EV charging station at your commercial business is an excellent way to increase customer “dwell time” and overall sales. While customers wait for their car to charge, they will need something to do in the downtime, increasing the amount of customer time spent in your business.

If your business is a retail store, this means more time looking at your products. If your business is a restaurant, this means an opportunity for increased drink and food sales.

Depending on your type of business, you may also want to consider the benefit of providing a comfortable environment for customers with food and coffee options and dine-in areas!

6) Tax rebates and financial incentives

To support their commitment to clean energy, the federal government and many states offer businesses tax benefits and financial incentives to help offset the cost of installing an EV charging station. Taking advantage of these tax rebates and financial incentives is a great way to lower the initial investment cost of installing an EV charging station at your business, meaning you’ll be able to quickly earn a profit and see a return on your investment.

Take a look at our EV charging installation projects here!

7) Prepare your business for the future

There's no denying the future is electric. Although fewer cars were bought in the United States in 2022 compared to years before, EV car sales increased by a resounding 65%, an increase of almost two-thirds compared to 2021. With the push towards clean energy, these numbers are only expected to increase over the next few years.

At some point in the near future, providing an EV charging station for your customer and employees won't be an added benefit but rather a necessity and expectation. The last thing you want as a business owner is to wake up one morning and suddenly realize you're behind your competition because you failed to keep up with the EV-driving trend. Installing an EV charging station at your commercial business will set your business up for success today and in the future.

Lemberg is Your Trusted Milwaukee EV Charging Station Installation Contractor

At Lemberg, we are committed to being your trusted EV charging station installation contractor in Milwaukee and SE Wisconsin. With 95 years of electrical service experience, our expert team is here to help you choose and install the best EV charging station for your commercial business.

Our comprehensive list of services sets us apart from most other contractors, who can only handle part of your car charging station installation. Our team can take care of the entire process from design to activation, including digging trenches, laying the conduit, and installing the extra electrical circuit if needed.

We are proud to be Milwaukee’s leading EV charging contractor supporting “Net Zero'' by 2050. Through this global initiative, we are helping to work towards reduced waste and move towards electrical, cleaner, and more renewable energy sources.

Want to install an EV charging station at your business? Contact Lemberg today!

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