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Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) — Everything You Need to Know

October 13, 2022
Lemberg Team

Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) is becoming more popular in the construction industry due to its ability to streamline pre-construction and construction processes and improve team collaboration, cost control, and overall project quality.

However, VDC is a relatively new method and many people remain unsure of its true purpose and value. In this blog, we walk you through what VDC is, how it differs from building information modeling (BIM) technology, and the many benefits of using VDC technology.

What is Virtual Design and Construction (VDC)?

Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) utilizes new and improved technologies to create a complete and comprehensive picture of a construction project during the pre-construction phase. VDC incorporates drones, laser scanners, 3D modeling, cameras, and more to virtually build a project before construction begins.Construction-Plans-Review

One of the key purposes of the VDC method is to help predict any potential issues in a project's schedule, budget, design, and safety processes, allowing for better team collaboration and a smoother, more effective project timeline.


It’s a common misconception to believe that VDC and building information modeling (BIM) are interchangeable. VDC and BIM may be very similar and often interconnected, but they are not the same.

BIM can be thought of as a tool for project development, while VDC can be understood as the process that utilizes various technologies, including BIM, to visualize, monitor, and manage a project from initial concept to completion.

BIM technology, for example, creates a detailed, digital representation or 3D model of a physical building. BIM can be used alone or in combination with VDC technology as part of its overarching methodology to create a complete digital representation of the project.

Benefits of VDC

The benefits of VDC include:  

  • Pre-construction planning — Taking pre-construction planning from 2D modeling to a complete digital representation allows you to plan, document, and map out the entire project from the beginning. Most work is completed in the office, resulting in a faster and smoother process during the actual construction phase.
  • Increased collaboration — All teams can collaborate in a virtual environment, which helps streamline all workflow processes and responsibilities and prevents miscommunication in the office and on the field.
  • Saves time and money — Having a clear picture of the project prior to construction allows you to predict and correct any potential issues before they arise, keeping you on schedule and avoiding unplanned costs.
  • Enhances health and safety — Virtually assessing, scoping, and mapping out the site location prior to construction helps identify and avoid any hazards or safety issues.
  • Future maintenance — Keeping a well-documented building design and layout on file allows you to plan and map out any future electrical updates and maintenance.

Lemberg VDC Services 

Lemberg is proud to have a team solely dedicated to our VDC services. Our VDC project manager is involved in every project from day one, incorporating the right technology needed to plan and execute a project timeline that is more involved and detailed than ever before.Trimble-TotalStation

Along with project planning, our VDC team helps design energy-efficient and sustainable buildings. Integrating smart technology into electrical system infrastructures, such as occupancy sensors, LED lighting, and building automation, offers customers more control options, better energy flow, and more data on the energy efficiency of their buildings.

Take a look at our experienced new hires as we continue to grow to meet the construction needs of customers and partners throughout southeastern Wisconsin.

Lemberg is a full-service electrical, design-build, and prefab electrical construction contractor serving Milwaukee and southeastern Wisconsin for nearly 100 years. Our diverse team of experienced specialists will work together during every stage of your project, bringing you the best in design-build, prefabrication, and VDC technology this industry has to offer.

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