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How Technology in Electrical Construction Is Improving Productivity

March 29, 2023
Pat Antkowski

Technology in electrical construction Technology has changed how businesses operate, and the construction industry is no exception. The construction industry now embraces technology like smartphones, drones, and Building Information Modeling in daily project management.

Gone are the days of printing bid packets and hand-delivering technical drawings. Everything from bid and estimating to closeout is done digitally. For electrical contractors like us, we specifically see technology reshaping our job estimating, manpower scheduling, materials handling, prefabrication, and professional project management abilities.

Keep reading to learn how technology trends in virtual design and cloud-based management systems are improving project productivity in electrical construction by streamlining projects and creating a more collaborative and efficient project delivery.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) Technology

Because of its ability to convert a 2D design sketch into a 3D digital representation, Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology software is a game changer when it comes to enhancing project management and delivery. Electrical contractors can now digitally navigate a project in real time. The work of each trade, including electrical, is represented in separate but interlaced layers.

The ability to visualize the whole scope of a building project (down to the smallest details) enables construction teams to run diagnostics and identify any areas of conflict that could hinder prefabrication work, timeline, labor, and prices. Implementing BIM technology in electrical construction is a significant benefit to a customer, as it can provide a more accurate project budget and timeline.

Take a deeper dive into the many powerful benefits of BIM technology here!

Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) Technology

When it comes to technology in electrical construction, there’s no denying Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) has been growing in popularity. Using robotic navigation like drones and laser scanners, we can now take the approved BIM project plan and pinpoint the exact physical location of every electrical panel and box in the building within the smallest fraction of an inch.

Using these robotic navigation tools to create the four key dimensions within the VDC platform — length, width, height, and time — we can create a complete picture of a construction project and help improve efficiencies with prefabrication and modulation.


Off-Site Prefabrication

Virtual Design and Construction gives construction teams the insight they need to build the exact number of components offsite and deliver them directly to the points in the building — where and when they are needed.

Sometimes more than just components are made offsite. As estimating technology in electrical construction improves, we are seeing more and more commercial contractors building out complete rooms in locations remote from the project site and transporting these modules to the job site for installation. This is a great benefit, as it creates a leaner, less congested job site and a tighter project timeline.

From design and project management to building maintenance, technology has become a key player in the electrical construction industry. Click here to learn how Lemberg’s infrared scanning technology can enhance your electrical preventive maintenance program!

Cloud-Based System Communication

Utilizing BIM technology with VDC technology in electrical construction not only gives you an accurate digital project model, but can also be paired together to offer a cloud-based, intellectual platform where teams can collaborate in a virtual environment.

Electrical construction teams no longer have to wait to access updated building plans because the cloud-based system updates all changes digitally in real-time. Everyone from the front office to the field can view project changes, knowing the digital plans are up-to-date and accurate.

Other benefits of cloud-based system communication include:

  • Access to files and data anywhere, at any time
  • Improved efficiency with no room for human error
  • Improved document security
  • Faster communication resulting in faster project delivery

Along with BIM and VCD, Lemberg also utilizes the state-of-the-art electrical construction technology of Accubid, an estimating project management and purchasing software.

Accubid allows estimators to digitally identify each product and produce accurate counts and measurements with the click of a button, improving our estimating process by nearly 30%.

Why Choose Lemberg as Your Electrical Contractor

Incorporating Agile Construction with the advancing technology in electrical construction, our diverse team of experienced specialists is able to enhance project productivity and efficiency on every level. From project estimating and kick-off meetings to communications and timelines, we can streamline our process and give our customers the most accurate project picture.

Lemberg is a full-service electrical, design-build, and prefabrication electrical construction contractor serving Milwaukee and southeastern Wisconsin for nearly 100 years. Our design-build approach brings together all project players, utilizing the industry's best technology to deliver the best results.

Please contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your next construction project.

Pat Antkowski is Vice President of Pre-Construction at Lemberg. He and his team offer comprehensive electrical construction services, including design-build, BIM and CAD services as well as full access to all of Lemberg’s areas of service – electrical construction, service, energy technologies, data communications, and signs. Get more information on Lemberg’s Electrical Construction Services.

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