4 Things Your Competitor Can Teach You About Business Sign Trends

Posted by John Wachniak on Oct 15, 2014

Cheesecake_Factory_Constr-CheesecakeUNWARPSMALBusiness signs are essential, yet companies often fail to harness their power. A discreet sign will not only fail to garner the public's attention, but it will portray your business as behind the times.

Have you noticed key elements of your competitor’s business signs that have helped them stand out and get noticed?

By following these sign trends for businesses, you will be able to grab the public's attention and ensure a prospective or current customer never forgets your business.

1. Incorporate Architectural Elements That Are Memorable

Many of the most successful companies today have logos that are sleek yet powerful and inviting. The logos are not designed to impose upon the viewer; rather, they are used to instantly remind the viewer of the product or service. This allows for recognition and, more importantly, it allows the viewer to feel as though they aren't being advertised to at all.

Your sign is also crucial for welcoming newcomers to your company or business. It should be big enough to be noticed, but not overbearing. Signs should complement the building so that it doesn't feel like a separate entity, but as a continuation of your business as a whole.

2. Dramatic Signs

Don't be afraid to add a bit of drama to your sign. Not only will this help to catch eyes, but it will make your company seem fresh, inviting, and human as well. Illuminated signs will catch eyes during the night, and people will remember your sign if it illuminates the sky with its presence. Combining the bold with the subtle will make your sign instantly recognizable. Think of Coca-Cola signs in major cities: they are simply red with white cursive lettering. It's a very simple design, yet the bright lights and confident coloring and lettering are recognizable.

3. Embrace Imperfections

Some of the most recognizable signs in the United States are not perfect. The letters of the “Hollywood” sign are not displayed on the same plane. However, their character helps everyone recall the sign when thinking of California. An accidentally curved line, a spilled blotch of paint, and anything else that adds an entirely unique character to your sign could be honed in on and perfected. Just because it began as an accident doesn't mean it has to stay one: utilize it to add character to your sign's presence.

4. Contrast With Your Surroundings

An outdoor sign doesn't have to conflict with the local scenery, but it does need to stand out. Remember that the Hollywood sign rolls with the hills as opposed to competing with them. Create a sign that works to incorporate local characteristics of its environment such as nearby building materials, or natural landscape. This creates the illusion of your sign having always been there, and viewers will never doubt that your sign belongs there. However, as the key point suggests, you must contrast with the area as well. If your sign is near trees for example, you may want to incorporate bold colors or illumination to avoid “camouflaging” it. Meanwhile, you can acknowledge the natural landscape in other elements of your sign with materials you use or other design elements.

5. Perfect Illumination

As a business owner or manager, it is common to want the highest quality illumination that your city will allow. Additionally, you want to stand out from neighboring business and competition by illuminating a little brighter with a clear message. Over the years, technology in regard to lighting options and messaging capabilities has expanded to offer incredible options for high impact, easily maintained signs.

There are three different types of illumination for signs: neon, fluorescent lamps and LEDs. Oftentimes, sign design and installation experts will recommend viewing prototypes of options and discussing their capabilities from a visibility standpoint, prior to making a final selection.

By understanding these sign trends for businesses, you will be able to take your company to the next level of public awareness. Customers will react, and they will be more likely to recognize and enter your business as a result. Never settle for unconfident and understated signs; instead, incorporate drama and / or imperfections to ensure that you stay top of mind with customers.