John Wachniak

John Wachniak brings over 20 years of industry experience to Lemberg sign and lighting. Our team of award-winning professional designers, project managers and technicians create innovative and custom business signs and lighting solutions that make lasting impressions.

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Know Thy Audience; Make Them Move

Posted by John Wachniak on Mar 26, 2019

In advertising, knowing your audience is paramount to getting results. It’s part of creating the overall customer brand experience – the experience that leaves your customer with an impression that will either drive them to repeat or abandon their relationship with your product or service.

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What You Need to Know Before Creating a New Business Sign

Posted by John Wachniak on Mar 9, 2018

When coaching our customers through the sign design and installation process, we find ourselves educating our customers about best practices in sign design and placement. What works on paper, may not be the best for a sign, after all. Here are a few simple yet important tips on what to look for in your next sign or Electronic Message Center (EMC).

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LED Sign and Lighting Technology: A Good Investment

Posted by John Wachniak on Jul 22, 2016

We’ve seen an increase in the number of businesses retrofitting neon signs with LED lights. Others are integrating LED electronic message centers into their traditional signage. Here’s what might be behind the decision to upgrade.

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Culture Code and Deal Breakers

Posted by John Wachniak on May 26, 2016

I ran into a sign industry business colleague the other day, let’s call her Sandra, who mentioned she was leaving her current position and moving to another state for a new opportunity. We talked a while about her new opportunity and about the reasons she would make such a move. After all, this was a woman with an established career and a family; moving to another state was no small decision. What she revealed was quite interesting and says a lot about the importance of culture and how we define an employment “deal breaker.”

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4 Things Your Competitor Can Teach You About Business Sign Trends

Posted by John Wachniak on Oct 15, 2014

Business signs are essential, yet companies often fail to harness their power. A discreet sign will not only fail to garner the public's attention, but it will portray your business as behind the times.

Have you noticed key elements of your competitor’s business signs that have helped them stand out and get noticed?

By following these sign trends for businesses, you will be able to grab the public's attention and ensure a prospective or current customer never forgets your business.

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4 Considerations When Choosing An Outdoor Business Sign Location

Posted by John Wachniak on Oct 3, 2014

Whether you are launching a brand new location and need a new business sign or simply replacing the old sign for your business, several key factors must be addressed from conceptualization to installation. From the planning stages to final installation, every decision you make has the potential to affect your overall marketing strategy. Keep in mind these four considerations when choosing the location for an outdoor sign for your business.

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