Wendy Thorgersen

Wendy is a Project Manager in Lemberg's Data Communications Division. She and her team use their combined 66 years of experience to create for customers solutions that are cost effective and powerful. Call (262) 781-1500 or click here to request a quote today and let Wendy and her team exceed your expectations.

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Communication Styles and Getting the Job Done – Part Two

Posted by Wendy Thorgersen on Nov 28, 2016

Part Two: Using Soft Skills

A well-cared for staff means a well-cared for project and that leads to a well-cared for client. There’s no way around that. Getting to know my team members and clients through frequent and meaningful communication is key to keeping any job running smoothly. All too often I see project managers overlook the personal aspects of managing a people.

Employees want to know their efforts matter, that what they do is making a difference. It’s the softer side of project management that plays a very big, albeit subtle, part in getting to the finish line on time and on budget. Each team member is different -- each requires something different based on rank, gender, tenure, generation and so on. Sometimes, I am a cheerleader. Other times, I am a sounding board. But always, I must be responsive to their needs. Let’s take a look at some of the factors in the effectiveness of a team.

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Communication Styles & Getting the Job Done: A Two-Part Series

Posted by Wendy Thorgersen on Aug 19, 2016

Part One: Know Your Audience

The most important part of what I do as a project manager in the Data Communications Division at Lemberg is getting to know my audience – my client or my team -- and how to communicate with them. Each member of that audience has different goals and needs. More importantly, each has a different expectation for communication that is affected by factors like personality and ability. 

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