Anniversary Memory: Communication Tool Evolution

Posted by K. Prelesnik on Aug 21, 2018

Think about the last time you picked up the newspaper, a brochure or even a magazine.

Now think about the last time you grabbed your phone or laptop and searched for information in your web browser. Chances are, you reached for the digital option.

In 2002, envisioning that printed material would be nearly obsolete in a little over a decade was probably imaginable. Essentially any information regarding anything is now readily available and accessible in digital format. After launching their website in 2014, Lemberg decided that their employee and customer communications should follow trend too.

Lemberg’s internal and external communications’ digital transformation not only changed the accessibility of information, but also the quality.

A Blast from the Past


Fifteen years ago, the first edition of Lemberg’s quarterly newsletter, The Lemberg Times, was printed on a standard 8.5x11 inch paper booklet which consisted of two back-to-back pages, four total. The information included a letter from the president, special events, safety updates and a company culture section. The pamphlet was hand-delivered or mailed out via USPS to all office and field employees. Additional copies were also sent out to primary customers. 

Modern-day Lemberg Times applies these same concepts and ideas, but in a digital format. 


The Lemberg Times is communicated to all Lemberg employees, customers, and community subscribers via email versus print, making the delivery of this message much more efficient. The digital version of the letter from President Dave Washebek highlights any notable or newsworthy material and provides links for readers to quickly reference while they view the email.

Employees, customers and businesses discovered that Lemberg news was much easier to locate and follow in digital format.

A New Page is Born

In February 2017, Lemberg produced its first ever digital employee page, The Lemberg Insider – a hub for all employee information and news. The website is introduced with an internal email that is sent out to all employees as a teaser introduction to the page itself. This email replicates the quarterly Lemberg Times email in style and provides a link to the employee website.


The page includes special announcements, safety and report forms, employee contacts, ways to stay connected on our digital channels such as Facebook and LinkedIn, and even a featured customer or team to keep employees in-the-know about current and/or upcoming projects. This new concept has given employees easy access to any prominent news or internal information.

And while sometimes kicking back, taking a sip of coffee and reading the newspaper can be quite enjoyable, the amount of information that is now available on the web is pretty incredible. Keeping employees, customers and business partners well informed and up-to-date is now easier and more effective digitally. As technology and web platforms advance, staying current with digital trends will remain a priority for Lemberg for many years to come.