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Customer Pain Points and Creating Rapport

December 13, 2016

Leaving a great impression on a customer is the goal of every service provider. So what do you do when your customer attaches blame to your crew for something that is not in your control?



You get proactive, that’s what you do! Be diligent about your work and your crew, go the extra mile, pay attention to safety, and always be observant to the customer’s needs.




Don’t assume that the impression your customer will have is what you intend. That impression may be affected by others such as on-site staff that leave unwanted debris in your work area, or machinery that breaks down due to lack of ongoing maintenance and causes your work to be delayed.



Your fault or not, inconveniences like these can affect your ability to gain repeat business. But, as you build a great rapport with your customer, you’ll be able to address not only their concerns, but also your own concerns.

collaboration.jpgTaking the customer on regular tours of the worksite may reveal new ways you can help. Naturally, you’ll draw attention to the great work your crew is doing for your customer but this is the perfect time to diplomatically point out things that your crew can assist with for an extra fee. Create a list for the customer so everyone remembers the details.

By just being observant on the job, you may uncover “pain points” that you could provide a solution for such as dents in currently installed transformers or aging equipment. Offer to provide proactive solutions like building in bollard protection or performing energy audits and infrared scans.

Your customer might rest better knowing that a knowledgeable crew is paying attention to a regular maintenance schedule that will minimize the risk of downtime. It could be as simple as offering to removing unwanted debris that collects near your worksite. It may not be your debris, but having it removed is putting a “pain point” out for your customer.

No matter what the “pain point,” letting your customer know that you are paying attention and that you have their best interest in mind will lay a few more bricks in the foundation of your rapport. Establishing your company and crew as partners in your customer’s success is key to leaving a lasting impression. How do you put your customer's pain to rest? Share in the comments below!

Tim Hagen is a service manager for Lemberg’s service division. Tim has over 25 years of experience in the electrical service industry and was instrumental in bringing the GPS truck technology to Lemberg.