LED Sign and Lighting Technology: A Good Investment

Posted by John Wachniak on Jul 22, 2016

We’ve seen an increase in the number of businesses retrofitting neon signs with LED lights. Others are integrating LED electronic message centers into their traditional signage. Here’s what might be behind the decision to upgrade.

The Benefits of Technology

LEDs are electrical workhorses known for their longevity and energy efficiency and for creating light that is brighter than their incandescent, florescent and neon cousins. That means they make more visible advertising with less maintenance. To savvy business owners and consumers, that makes sense.

By definition, LEDs are two electrodes of a semiconductor material through which electrons move and emit light in the process. Depending on the materials used in the LED construction, the light emitted can be any color on the visible spectrum.

Creativity at Your Fingertips

Consider the creative control you can get using LEDs for business signs. Brands can be represented to a nearly exact color match. LEDs are thin and easy to integrate into a variety of designs and sign styles. They’re tiny powerhouses of luminosity! For business owners who want their brand to stand out in the crowded marketplace, these are pretty attractive qualities.

Putting It All Out There With Electronic Message Centers

Electronic message centers (EMCs) also rely upon LED technology. The EMC is quickly becoming a popular alternative to traditional signage. No matter what the brand or the location, message centers allow a business to customize and change the message to fit an audience, a season or accommodate frequently changing retail text.

One word of caution, though. Take care to use the right resolution for the location of your EMC signage. Audiences viewing the sign from a distance or in fast moving vehicles have little time to decipher a message. EMC resolution is determined by the concentration of points of LED light. As with other devices that rely upon resolution -- computer screens, hand held devices, printers -- the higher the resolution, the clearer and more detailed the image or message. So, you’ll want to work with your designer to be sure and create a sign with the right resolution and messaging in a font size large enough for your location.

The Final Word

LED technology offers customizable creative control in branding and advertising your business. That combination is turning out to be a pretty decent way to increase visibility, create an energy savings, lengthen the life of the hardware and reduce maintenance over time. 

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