Anniversary Memory: Retiree remembers creating an iconic photo

Posted by E.V. Thompson on Aug 9, 2018

Lemberg held our 90/25 Anniversary Picnic in July. We invited our current employees and our retirees and their families to join in the fun. There was food, face painting, friends, a raffle and a lot of animals. The weather was gorgeous -- perfect for a summer picnic. But there was someone there who made our day just that much more special. 

Attending the picnic was Ralph Gugerty, who retired several years ago from Lemberg’s Service division. In his time at Lemberg, he saw the company’s ability to remain agile to meet the demands of the market, including the diversification of services and the acquisition of other organizations.

As a proud retiree, Ralph let us know how happy he was to see his old colleagues and meet the new generation of "Lembergites." Mostly, he was happy to see the company thriving after 90 years. He'd seen some of our 90/25 anniversary celebration efforts and let us know that he had assisted in lining up the cars for our historic photo of our State Street location (below).


He was so proud of his own history with the company, we just had to get a shot of him with one of our newest fleet vehicles! The look of the trucks may have changed, but the heart of the company hasn't! 


We want to thank Ralph and to all the retirees for contributing their time and talent to make Lemberg what it is today. A huge thanks to them and to all who joined us at the 2018 Anniversary picnic!