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Scheduled Maintenance Prevents Downtime in Industrial Environments

May 12, 2020

Unplanned downtime is costly. It’s important to be proactive with your building and equipment maintenance so that your facility remains operational. Adoption of lean production practices such as an organized workspace and an optimized workflow are good, but if your equipment or electrical systems fail, you’re exposed and vulnerable.

The most effective tool in preventing downtime is to schedule it before it has a chance to become unplanned. At Lemberg, we recommend preventive maintenance for our industrial customers.

Preventive maintenance is part of an overall management mindset that involves personnel, maintenance practices, equipment, and systems. Performed by a qualified industrial electrician, a maintenance check will identify the electrical and mechanical components most likely to exhibit wear over time. This will allow you to determine a consistent preventive maintenance schedule and the degree of a possible planned maintenance shutdown.IR switchboard maintenance

A scheduled maintenance check might include:

  1. A close look at the actual maintenance history of electrical panels, industrial equipment and components to determine fixture and motor replacement needs. Age and performance issues such as consistency and deviance from the norm should be noted. Replacing older, large motors with premium efficiency motors will generate a cost savings that will return the investment over the life of the motor.
  2. A comprehensive maintenance check of all industrial and manufacturing equipment, their components and safety mechanisms as well as the electrical panels and systems that serve them.
  3. A measure of the output of your equipment, components and electrical systems. Mechanical wear affects not only the components and the efficiency of the machine, it also affects anything down line. Consider the addition of an uninterruptible power supply to guard against equipment failure.
  4. An infrared (IR) scan to uncover impending component failure. State-of-the-art IR scanning technology can uncover the “hot spots” that precede a mechanical failure, allowing you to take corrective action in a timely manner.
  5. A review of lighting and fixtures. Lamp replacements and life expectancy for business lighting, plant lighting, parking lot, landscape and signage lighting should be noted. Replacing or retrofitting HID fixtures with, longer-lasting, more energy efficient LED lighting create brighter work environments and generally realize a payback within two years.

With scheduled preventive maintenance checks and planned shutdowns to perform regular and recommended maintenance, your facility can run more efficiently and safely. 

Contact our Electrical Service division to find out more and schedule your maintenance check with one of our qualified, experienced industrial electricians, (262) 781-1500.