7 Data Communication Safety Priorities for Schools and Universities

Posted by Ernie Garza on Nov 20, 2019

The security of educational institutions is extremely important in today’s world. Each year about 38,000 criminal offenses are reported on U.S. campuses.

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3 Reasons To Have An Expert Install Security System Cabling & Components

Posted by Ernie Garza on Oct 2, 2019

At first exploration, it may seem easy to save capital and take on the installation of a security system cabling and components. In fact, equipment is readily available at most hardware stores and comes with relatively easy-to-follow instructions.

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6 Things To Consider When It Comes To Security And Safety For Your Business And Employees

Posted by Ernie Garza on Sep 24, 2019

Security and safety affect all industry sectors -- healthcare, manufacturing, construction, education, retail, entertainment venues, and restaurants, to name a few.

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Enhance Your Customer Experience with Security

Posted by Michael Zuidema - Guest Blogger on Aug 3, 2018

While locations around the world continue to invest in emergency communication solutions like blue light emergency towers and hands-free speakerphones to provide additional safety measures intended to bolster security, they also are discovering that the versatility of these devices provide an added bonus: improved customer experience.

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Anniversary Memory: Hard Hat History

Posted by E.V. Thompson on Jul 12, 2018

Your relationship with your hard hat should be a short one.

Throughout our 90th Anniversary year, we realize that the one thing that remains constant is change. From leadership and staff to our building and equipment, change requires us to be agile, innovative and sometimes simply compliant.That's especially true of the safety staple -- the hard hat.

Believe it or not, hard hats do expire. Just like any piece of equipment, safety equipment is consistently being upgraded as technology and materials get better. Located on the inside of your hard hat should be a manufacturer-stamped date which will be the date the hard hat was molded. Quick math tells you how long you should keep your trusty skull bucket.

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Fire Prevention Week: 5 Causes and Ways to Prevent Electrical Fires

Posted by K. Prelesnik on Oct 12, 2017

Every day proves the opportunity to prevent an electrical fire. According to the the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), U.S. Fire Departments responded to approximately 45,210 home structure fires between 2010 – 2014. About 57% of these fires were caused by electrical distribution, lighting and power transfer failure.

Prevention of these types of fires begins with awareness.

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6 Safety Facts You May Not Know About Working Near Electricity

Posted by Tim Scheid on Oct 15, 2014

Electrical safety in the workplace doesn't just require hiring a top-notch electrical contractor. When planning any construction project -- including damage remediation following severe weather -- everyone near a work zone or area connected to electrical sources should be aware of potential risks. This can include parking lots and landscaped areas as well as buildings and their perimeters.

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