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Center for Advanced Care

Lemberg brings reliable comprehensive services to the healthcare industry, protecting patients, staff, information and privacy.

This was an installation of channel letters in challenging location on a healthcare campus. The installation required a 200-foot, 95-ton crane, a scissor lift and swing stage to complete. Certified installers hoisted the channel letters, each standing from 4-6 feet high, to their final installation point over 160 feet above the ground. The signage was installed on both the west and east elevations of the building, where the busy area below the installation points were blocked off for safety.  This brand is highly visible. This project was repeated at an even higher elevation after the same building was expanded to include several more floors.  

Project Features

  • High Rise Installation
  • High Density Installation
  • Swing Stage
  • Channel Letter Sign
  • Building Mounted Sign



Location: Milwaukee, WI

Industry: Healthcare

Divisions: Signs

Project Type: New Construction

Year Completed: 2016