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JW Speaker

Lemberg was hired to install new LED lighting JW Speaker. The team used an articulated lift to install a customized array of 376 high lumen output LED lighting fixtures in production areas across two JW Speaker facilities without a loss in production time.

Since the fixtures were located above the manufacturing and supplies areas, replacing them may have meant scheduling a shutdown resulting in a loss of production time. Using a floor plan supplied by the customer, Lemberg electricians evaluated the upgrade areas for exact fixture positioning. To minimize costs to the customer, Lemberg used an articulating lift to reach the fixtures without having to move supplies or equipment. The fixtures were prefabricated by Lemberg, saving over 40 hours of onsite labor. The fixtures were replaced during the normal first shift hours and did not require a planned shutdown. 

Project Features

  • LED Lighting, Retrofits
  • Prefabrication
  • No Loss of Production Time


Location: Germantown, WI

Industry: Industrial/Manufacturing

Divisions: Service, EnTech

Project Type: Service-Maintenance