The Two Oars of Leadership

Posted by John Rutkiewicz - Guest Blogger on Nov 17, 2017

Imagine yourself sitting in a row boat. In each hand, you have an oar that’s anchored to either side of the boat. You pull on the two oars – simultaneously and with equal force – to navigate the water. That’s how you move the boat to your destination.

The same is true when you’re a leader. This analogy of two oars in a row boat is a simple yet accurate metaphor that reflects the two basic dynamics at play whenever you lead. To lead effectively, you must operate these two elements simultaneously and with equal force. Otherwise, you go in circles.

So, what are these two oars of leadership? 

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Fire Prevention Week: 5 Causes and Ways to Prevent Electrical Fires

Posted by K. Prelesnik on Oct 12, 2017

Every day proves the opportunity to prevent an electrical fire. According to the the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), U.S. Fire Departments responded to approximately 45,210 home structure fires between 2010 – 2014. About 57% of these fires were caused by electrical distribution, lighting and power transfer failure.

Prevention of these types of fires begins with awareness.

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What is it like to be on a Swing Stage?

Posted by E.V. Thompson on Oct 6, 2017

On the job with our sign installers

Most of the time you don't see them. You see their machines, their partners, their barricades, but you don't often see THEM. They are the ones harnessed high above the ground, to buckets and ropes and platforms.

They are the high rise sign installers

Like their counterparts who keep windows sparkling and who construct tall buildings, the high rise installers are a special breed of skill, talent and guts.

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Are you a leader like Mark? Four practices for good leadership.

Posted by John Rutkiewicz - Guest Blogger on Sep 29, 2017

Three decades ago – as a first-time manager at the age of 23 – I had a boss named Mark.

Mark was a good guy to work for and a great model for me in my early days as a leader. Mark held high standards for our operations team. He believed firmly in the importance of clear process and procedure. He believed in solid training to quickly get new folks on board and to help us all continuously improve.

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Is LED lighting right for you?

Posted by Tim Hagen on Sep 18, 2017

Oftentimes, our service department is asked about replacing standard incandescent or fluorescent lighting with newer LED technology in homes and offices. There are a few things to consider before you make the plunge, but they might not be what you think.

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Investing in Growth

Posted by S.Sanger on Aug 17, 2017

 We appreciate being recognized by our employees for our training efforts. Recently, an article was posted in the “Contract Questions” Bulletin, a union trade publication, regarding training that Lemberg offers. In the article, it was mentioned that our sign division requires eight hours of training per year and if not completed, disciplinary actions may occur.

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"Box of life" thinking challenges us to step outside the box.

Posted by S.Sanger on Aug 8, 2017

It’s a guarantee. On a daily basis, you are going to experience an array of different personalities. Sometimes those personalities -- and the actions that go with them -- aren't going to jive with yours.

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Positivity of Engagement

Posted by S.Sanger on Jul 13, 2017

Some have the mindset of coming to work because they have to in order to survive. That doesn’t seem very appealing!

How can we change that mindset? Engagement!

You have the opportunity to increase positivity in your work life and your co-worker’s work life as well! Are you drawing a blank as to how to contribute to being engaged and spreading the positivity throughout your team? Here are some pointers to think about on a daily basis…

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When is a Sign not just a Sign?

Posted by Ramona Marenda on Mar 10, 2017

Many people are of the mindset that signs are “just signs.” After all, what does a sign have to accomplish other than say who you are as a company?  Let’s consider that for a minute: a sign tells WHO YOU ARE.  Just as your daily wardrobe is a reflection of who you are personally, your business sign is a reflection of your brand. And that, as any marketer will tell you, is when a sign becomes more than “just a sign.”

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Do a Double Check Now, Upgrade Later

Posted by Tim Hagen on Dec 27, 2016

Now that the weather is cold, outdoor electrical work is tricky. Holiday lighting is done for this year, but it’s a perfect time to consider next year’s display.

Whether you own a business, manage a property or just want great exterior lighting for your home, having the right electrical outlets can make or break your outdoor lighting and décor. Here are four things to consider as you move through your 2016 holiday set-up and take-down.

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