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Do a Double Check Now, Upgrade Later

December 27, 2016

Now that the weather is cold, outdoor electrical work is tricky. Holiday lighting is done for this year, but it’s a perfect time to consider next year’s display.

Whether you own a business, manage a property or just want great exterior lighting for your home, having the right electrical outlets can make or break your outdoor lighting and décor. Here are four things to consider as you move through your 2016 holiday set-up and take-down.

Four Considerations for a Better Exterior Display

  1. Save on installation by planning ahead. When installing your business sign, consider your holiday lighting display and exterior lighting needs. Have your electrician prepare your electrical service and install exterior outlets near your exterior signage. You’ll have electrical service when you set up holiday displays and lighting.holidaylights.jpg
  2. Consider your exterior and landscape lighting when you install your business sign or perimeter lamps. Having electrical service run to key locations, can open up your options for landscaping as well as for safe and easy holiday décor options.
  3. Make electrical service available at the flip of a switch. With a harsh start to Wisconsin winters, the ability to remotely control your exterior lighting is more than just convenient. As this holiday season winds down, consider what you might like on a single control. Maybe its holiday lighting on trees, or ground lighting, a lighted sign – all can be controlled by indoor switches keeping you warm and your display active.
  4. Make electrical service programmable. Having an indoor switch for your exterior lighting is great, but not having to worry about it at all is even better. Having to worry about exterior lighting during the dark winter months is just another task that takes your time. Adding a programmable controls to your external lighting means that your display lighting will be controlled automatically, leaving you time for things that really matter.

So where do you start?

Start now by creating an inventory of all the holiday and exterior lighting you currently have or plan to have. As the weather warms, contact Lemberg’s Service department to schedule time with a Service Manager who can help you plan the best electrical layout for your external lighting.

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